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NAWA: Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs From Aleppo

Number 13 on Billiboard. Number 1 on iTunes and Amazon. Nawa is a beautiful album of sacred chanting and haunting melodies. It was recorded by Jason Hamacher in the courtyard of a 500-year-old-house in Aleppo, one of the world's oldest cities.

Aleppo, Syria - 2009. A small group of Sufi musicians band together to preserve the nearly forgotten melodies, songs, and poems unique to the ancient city.

Aleppo, Syria - 2010. Jason Hamacher was in Aleppo to document the ancient prayers, hallowed rituals, and sacred spaces of Syria's religious minorities. Hamacher heard about a secretive group of Sufi musicians that practiced “the old traditions.” Intrigued by the mysterious description, Hamacher sought an introduction to the group through a mutual friend & became the first Westerner to hear NAWA preform.

NAWA performed in public a handful of times before Syria erupted into civil war. The group’s displaced members are now scattered throughout Europe and the Middle East.

CD Packaging Description - 6 panel digipack with metallic print, Original Art by famed Syrian Artist, Khaled Akil, Hand Drawn map, and liner notes by producer Jason Hamacher

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  1. Fasel Al Jalal
  2. Mowashah Dhabya Wadi Al Naqah
  3. Fasel Al Sawi
  4. Fasel Kesmet Al Sawi
  5. Mowashah Al Refku Be Maftoon
  6. Mowashah Habbatha Al Dugah

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